‘Chasing Destiny’ Star ASH Delivers New Single ‘I Know Who’ Along With New EP, ‘Please Like Me’

Chasing Destiny star ASH recently released her EP Please Like Me, an unapologetic desperate pursuit for love. Each track: “Wrong Number,” “I Know Who,” “Please Like Me,” and “The Goodbye Song” represents that last-ditch effort that almost every girl has experienced when fighting for love or pursing a “going nowhere fast” relationship.

ASH commits her full project to expressing the lengths she will to go for love. Overall the sound of the music is expired by 70’s and 80’s pop. Below is one of the EPs tracks “I Know Who,” a chill 80s-like groove about being privy to not being the only one.

“I know who you really love, I know who you’re really thinking of,” she sings on the chorus.

Prior to Chasing Destiny, ASH established her music career by working as Janelle Monae’s background singer for multiple years. Last year, she released her debut project, The Perfect EP.

In our recent interview, ASH states, “Music is just in my veins. I am going to do it by any means necessary. So that’s what I have been doing prior to Chasing Destiny.”

 Purchase her EP “Please Like Me” on iTunes HERE.