Sade Serena Highlights Island Roots At The Release Party of Her New EP, ‘Jerk Sauce’ (Photos + Video)


South Florida songstress Sade Serena has always infused her sound with a mix of R&B, Reggae and Pop/EDM, her 2014 EP Germination being a testament to that. The project featured a wide array of sounds and easily appealed to the lovers of many genres of music. Sada said she wants to eventually tap into all genres, including country.

But right now, Sade’s focus is centered around primarily one genre: reggae, and it’s evident in the project’s title, Jerk Sauce. By definition, jerk sauce is a spicy, flavorful marinade used to slowly smoke meats, fruits, and veggies, a style of cooking famously perfected in Jamaica. Sade’s new music is certainly has a certain “spice” to it, and hey it’s only natural!

The culture runs through her veins; she says her mother is so Jamaican in culture, she converted her New York-born father to embrace the rich culture. Also, reggae music reigns supreme in South Florida, so being a native of the plays a major influence Sade’s bourgeoning island-inspired sound.  If you instantly think of comparing Sade to island princess Rihanna, don’t. Sade is flattered by the comparisons because Rihanna is such a huge star, but don’t be so quick to put her under RiRi’s tutelage; she’s her own artist.

And with the recent resurgence of reggae influence into the mainstream via Justin Bieber, Usher, and more recently, even Alicia Keys’ single “In Common”, this seems to be the perfect time for Sade to grow her appear further. On the four-track set, the Shaggy-assisted remix for her single “Dum” is already making steady rounds on radio in South Florida, its catchy hook and sassy lyrics make for an infectious tune. “Stray” is the set’s more R&B-skewing tune, and even that one features reggae sensibilities.

I had the pleasure of attending the EP release show for Sade’s Jerk Sauce last weekend (May 1) where Serena performed all of the EP’s joints to a packed crowd at the Blue Martini in Boca Raton. She opened her performance with an ode to the late Prince with “Purple Rain,” then launched in to performing her reggae cover of Bieber’s “Sorry” and songs from Jerk Sauce. The set list included “Whatever You Want,” “Daylight,” “Stray,” then “Dum.”

Jerk Sauce is not only spicing up Sade’s appeal in FL with radio spins but far and wide as well. Sometimes embracing your roots is the best thing you can do. Peep  photos and a video of the Jerk Sauce EP Party below. Purchase the EP on iTunes HERE.

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