Chris Brown Plans a New Single and “World Takeover” Soon

Last week, Chris Brown dropped a song called “Shut Down” featuring his new rap collective OHB. But that venture is just one of a few things Breezy has on his to-do list.

A few days ago, he tweeted a list of things he plans to do. First thing is to drop the OHB mixtape tomorrow (April 29), next he plans on dropping an OHB called “Whippin’” with the Section Boyz and Quavo. The third thing he plans on doing is releasing his own solo single on May 5th. He then will kick off the European leg of his One Hell Of A Nite Tour (On May 20th). Then he plans on delivering his autobiographical documentary Welcome To My World, and what’s next?

Partying it up and world domination,  of course!

He certainly has a lot on his plate. Hopefully these projects will keep him focused and drama free!