Boss Move: Beyonce Selling ‘Boycott Beyonce’ Merchandise On ‘Formation’ Tour, + Performance Clips From Opening Night

Beyonce told us in “Formation,” “Always stay gracious, the best revenge is your paper.” She’s showing she lives by those words when she pulled this most recent bawse move.

If you recall, back in February, it was reported that protestors would descend on the NFL HQ in NYC to boycott Beyonce for what they called a “race-baiting” stunt with her Black Panther-themed performance at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show (it bombed when only two people showed up). Also, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police wanted to boycott her show after seeing her Super Bowl 50 show which they believed sent an “anti-police message.” It was later countered by Miami Police Department spokesman Major Delrish Moss who said that she and Marlins Park (the venue she’s set to perform at) will be protected by police presence.

Well tonight (April 27th) marks opening night of her “Formation World Tour” in Miami, and she still had the last laugh!

As it turns out, the Lemonade singer is selling “Boycott Beyonce” merchandise on her tour! Fan Twitter account Bey Legion and Beyonce Capital have been posting updates on the opening night of the tour and revealed that Bey is poking fun at her critics and laughing all the way to the bank with the merch.


Ha! Talk about turning lemons in lemonade!!!!

In other news: at the time of this writing, Bey is rocking out in Miami! Check out a few clips posted by @Bey_Legion below: