Erykah Badu Pens Poem Of Memories About Prince

Both Erykah Badu and Prince define what it means to be confident and free-spirited; one could call them kindred spirits on the subject.

It just so happens that Badu is another star who had a deep friendship with the music icon, and she shared a poem of memories with the her friend; like the time he played guitar for her and when she recorded her 2001 song “Today, The Earth Song” at his Paisley Park studios.

She writes:

That time Prince was your rhythm guitarist
then sent you the picture.
The time Prince was so gracious to come to your club in the hood of South Dallas and play for 4 hours into the night…
The time you recorded “Today -the earth song”
at Paisley Park.
All the times y’all shot pool and argued over religion.
The time Prince got in your Lemo to tell you that ‘World Wide Underground ‘ wasn’t finished yet and you ‘felt a way’. Lol
The time Prince “evolved ” and wouldn’t sign yo mama’s ‘Dirty Mind’ album cover cause he said he wasn’t into that no mo and yo mama told him
“well you shouldn’t have made it then” and you were embarrassed.
The time Prince had a “swear jar” and you just put a 20 dollar bill in it when you walk in.
The time Prince and Larry Grahm had you cornered in a Jehova’s Witness…well, witness session.
The time you presented Prince with the ICON Billboard AWARD with 20 (Janell Monáe).
The time you sang “I wanna be your lover” on the 3rd grade talent show wearing a swim top and the teachers cut you short because it was “inappropriate”.
The moment you remember how much he means to you…
You’ve been here all my life .
And You will live F O R E V E R in my cells.

Sometimes it snows in April?


She also posted a picture of the time he played guitar for her and the note the singer wrote following the performance that reads “From your new rhythm guitarist.”



Though he seemed obscure and private, Prince was genuine and present in the lives of many people.