Rihanna Gets Violent Again In NSFW Video For ‘Needed Me’

If “BBHMM” was any indication, Rihanna is on her femme fatale steeze as of late.

A departure from the twerk-tastic visual that is “Work,” the Harmony Korine-directed visual for “Needed Me” lets us see Rihanna back on her “badassness”, in a “don’t make her angry or she will kill you” kind of way.

Then clip sees Rihanna flaunting “the girls” once again as she looks out from a Miami mansion holding a gun and contemplating some type of revenge. Next thing you know, she’s in a strip club and aims the gun at a guy assumed to be her cheating beau? Shady business partner? The back story, I don’t know.

Watch above and let us know what you think about RiRi’s latest boob-baring murder video…