Rising Bronx Singer-Songwriter Isa Shares Live Acoustic Performance Video For New Single, ‘Take It Slow’

Following the release of her new single “Take It Slow,” Bronx-born upstart Isa keeps the momentum going with a live acoustic performance video of her new heartfelt ballad, further showcasing her impressive vocal ability against piano accompaniment.

“I was going through a separation from someone I was truly in love with, and the day I wrote ‘Take it Slow’ was the first day I had some time off to be home with myself to digest the situation and being left for someone else.  There is no resolution by the end of [the song]. It’s literally a song about being still. There is no right or wrong move, there’s nothing really to do but let life flow naturally no matter how painful it may feel to not have a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the time.”

“Take It Slow” follows her previous releases “Joyride” and “You & I,” and is from the lead single for her forthcoming sophomore EP, Mirrors Volume 1.