True Support! Brandy’s Fans Create Petition For Label To Release Her

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A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Brandy filed a lawsuit against her label Chameleon Entertainment Group, claiming they won’t allow her to record or release new music in an attempt to get her to sign a new deal. In the documents, Brandy claims the deal with Chameleon gave them the “option” to release four more Brandy records, and they’ve refused to let her release new music ever since her 2012 album “Two Eleven.”

But now her fans are taking matters into their own hands…

They’ve launched various social media accounts called “Free Brandy” on Instagram, Facebook, and, Twitter against executive Breyon Prescott and the Chameleon label. Their mission statement reads: “Unapologetically advocating 4 the contractual freedom of Brandy; demanding #BreyonPrescott & Chameleon Ent. Release her. #BreyOff#BoycottPrescott.” They’ve even erected a petition.

They have their girl’s back!

We’ll keep a watch on this pending saga…





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