In Her ‘Boomerang’ Video, Cameroonian R&B Artist Mballa Takes Matters Of Love Into Her Own Hands

R&B artist Mballa is back with her follow up visual “Boomerang.” She released this record a few months ago which will be on her upcoming Never Leave Quietly EP.  The Cameroonian songstress took a different approach by co-directing alongside HeadGraphix in this karmic visual that entails a lover who paid the price.

Between the motion and stillness of green shots and moving flames, she expresses her emotion through intense flames and the stillness that represents the paralysis that can exist.  She sings, “You had my love locked down, I mean we went through the wire, my n–ga”.  Very much played on words that are similar to Kanye West where she expresses her struggle of going through the drama and staying by her man’s side through it all.

“Where I’m from, in Cameroon, that culture in which people believe in black magic really exists. We’re a civilized nation that believes in spirituality. Where I’m from we say, so and so has been “attaché.” That means tied up. It’s a figure of speech we use to say someone has been rid of their own free will or movement — hence the use of voodoo dolls. So I wanted to show that”, says Mballa.

Fall into Mballa’s spell…