Say What? Unpredictable Erykah Badu Surprised High School Students With Impromptu Performance Back In 2014 (Video)

You gotta love Ms. Erykah Badu…seriously! Between singing on the streets of NYC or camera-bombing a news report, you never know where she might pop up!

Imagine being a teenager, just sitting down with your food at lunch time in high school, when Ms. Badu pops up and starts to perform in your school lunch room? Students at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, N.J. got to experience just that.

Back in 2014, Badu teamed up with the education initiative the Future Project to surprise students with a performance of her 1997 single “On and On” (however, the video is just now being shared.)

As she performs, she interacts with the surprised students, she even eats off the plate of one of the kids!

Watch Badu’s impromptu performance below: