T-Pain Is Back In The Strip Club In ‘Hundred Mo Dolla$’ Video

As his album Stoicville: The Phoenix lays in limbo without a release date, T-Pain still showers fans with new music.

Today (March 31), the Tallahassee-bred artist drops the  video for the stripper anthem “Hundred Mo Dolla$.” Produced by DJ Spinz and T-Pain, the song is about Pain regretting spending money in the strip club when he realizes he can get the same thing from his woman at home.

“P*ssy poppin on ya hands , now that’s that shit that I be talkin about, I shoulda stayed my a** in the house, and I woulda had a hundred more dollas,” he sings on the chorus of the bassy track.

Pain is good for a good stripper anthem, and his aim for this video as the director was to make it less ratchet and more seductive.  He told DAZED DIGITAL:

“From their use of feathers, props and lighting to the overall “now you see me, now you don’t” sense of sex and mystery Burlesque dancers present, it gives a rush because it becomes more sexy not seeing everything at once as they dance. That style crossed my mind as I thought about the feel of my video. In “Hundred Mo Dolla$”, yes, you see the strippers but you only see parts of them at a time. Not the entire form at once. I played a lot with lighting, satin, color and subtle visual effects to unveil and veil the ladies and highlight certain movements as they danced on the pole.”

T-Pain is busy in the studio recording his forthcoming album “Stoicville: The Phoenix.” In the meantime, on April 6th, T-Pain will perform a special one-night only concert for Converse Rubber Tracks Live at Brooklyn, NY’s Music Hall of Williamsburg.