Reasn Faces Femme Fatale In ‘Killer’ Video

After his breakout summer 2015 tune “Blue Flame” (which hit about 100k streams), urban rock artist Reasn drops the video for his single, “Killer.”

As soon as the beat drops, you’ll know this is a smash! Produced by Ron “Neff-U” Feemster (co-producer of Dr. Dre’s “Compton” album), the track posesses both a souful groove and the bad-assness of a rock edge.

On the song, Reasn utilizes his impressive range to wail out his confusion; after being left and used for his body and money by a fake lover, Reasn labels her an assassin of hearts.

“You shot me you got me and now I’m in pain / Now I gotta have it, I feel like a fiend / Cuz that girl is a killer! Oh!” he wails. The clip features the singer being seduced by a femme fatale.

“Killer” stems from Reasn’s EP 70 West.