Gospel Singer Tina Campbell Talks Battling Depression And Suicidal Thoughts During Promo Tour

One-half of the platinum-selling gospel duo Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, has been through the ringer over the past few years; from her husband’s infidelities to the death of her father, she’s been dealing with a lot, most documented on their  WeTV reality show.

Now, Campbell has a candid book called “I Need a Day to Pray” and a solo album called It’s Personal. During a promo event, Tina revealed her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I’ve been saved all my life, and a representative of the Gospel could get so low that I wanted to die, kill my children, kill my husband and kill everybody, and go out with a bang, because life was that bad,” she told the audience. “But that’s exactly where I was in 2013, and God alone saved my life.”

But instead of wallowing in negativity, she said that lowest point in her life inspired her to be open and talk about it to help other people who may be going through the same thing. Her trials and tribulations also sparked a creative inspiration for her new album.

She said on Yahoo Music’s Instagram page, “Part of my testimony, my willingness to speak about the difficult times, comes from the joy I have in the knowledge that it was God who saved me. I want to let those feeling as low as I once did know that if He brought me through, He will bring you through! #OnlyJesusDidIt.”

Both her book “I Need a Day to Pray” and album It’s Personal are available now.