Funkadelic, Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube Get On The Moterhship In ‘Ain’t That Funkin Kinda Hard On You’ Video

Are you ready to get on the mothership?

Last September, Kendrick Lamar hopped onto Funkadelic’s “Aint That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You” for a remix to a track from their 2014 LP, First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate. The original remix was a sped up, funktastic time, but now they slow it down (with Lamar’s same verse), and Ice Cube jumps on the chill, funky song for the remix.

This song boasts major west-coast swag thanks to the two Cali rappers over what sounds like a Dr. Dre’s classic funk sampling, which formed the classic west coast rap sound of the early 90s.

Like the song says, “Swing down sweet chariot stop and let me riiiide!,” and Kendrick Lamar does just that in the fun, Video God-directed clip. As the driver of the interstellar mothership from the Chocolate Milky Way, Kendrick swoops down and abducts actor Michael Colyar, who plays a guy stuck with his broke down car. They then see the legendary original member of Funkadelic, George Clinton, and they party on board the spacecraft in a futuristic club! Ice Cube also comes through for the soulful, galactic party.

If music videos existed in the 70s, the clip embodies everything a Parliament Funkadelic video should have been! Get beamed up for the party!