Adam Lambert Drops Surprise Single, ‘Welcome To The Show’

On March 17th, out of the blue, Adam Lambert released his latest single, “Welcome To The Show” feat. Laleh.

The single has been described as “an emotional song with meaningful lyrics and an empowerment anthem.” Lelah lends her voice while drawing comparisons to the likes of Sia and Rihanna.

The single isn’t a part of any future project or album. It left many wondering why he was releasing a new single only nine months after putting out his latest album, The Original High.

Adam is currently on tour promoting The Original High and once that’s over, he’ll be doing appearances with Queen while  shooting scenes for FOX’s upcoming reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Adam stated that he didn’t have a particular reason for dropping the single, and we’re okay with that; it’s a great track from a talented artist.

Purchase “Welcome To My World” HERE.