Where Is R&B Songstress Ameriie Now? Singer Has Youtube Channel, ‘Books, Beauty, Ameriie’

Ameriie hasn’t released music in a while; she’s had some huge hits, including “What Don’t We Fall In Love,” “Talkin To Me,” and  “1 Thing.” Her last album, In Love & War, dropped in 2009…that’s seven years ago! So, where has the R&B bombshell been?

As it turns out, she has a channel on Youtube called “Books, Beauty, Ameriie,” a feminine, fun, and studious  channel that focuses on aforementioned topics.

The singer has always had a love of literature, studying it at Georgetown University graduating with bachelor’s degree in English and a Fine Arts minor in design, so what better way than to start an online book club? Not only does she discuss books, but she also discusses beauty tips and tricks.

The channel was launched in November 2014. Below is the channel’s intro video:

Cute! And she looks exactly the same! Good to see she’s thriving. Click HERE to check out her Youtube channel, “Books, Beauty, Ameriie.”