Young Marco Reflects On His ‘Prom’ Experience

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Nineteen-year-old musician and recording artist Young Marco releases this nostalgic single “Prom,” official second single from his anticipated debut video EP 4 Our Generation available on due out on April 22.

About the song, Young Marco says, “‘Prom’ was inspired by my high school prom experience. Being home-schooled through high school made it very awkward when I had to hang around my peers and observe their actions,” says Young Marco. “While making this record with my guitar the day after prom, I tried to make the night as vivid as possible through the song and it actually turned out great. I just want this song to be the prom anthem in all schools when they attend this special event, I want it to give them the same energy it gives me,” he adds.

“Prom follows Marco’s his first single, “Off The Wall.”

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