[EXCLUSIVE] Anthony Hamilton Talks New Album, Touring with Fantasia, Admiring Women, ‘Amen’ Single, More

R&B soulful crooner Anthony Hamilton is back! He’s released his hit single “Amen” from his new album What I’m Feelin on RCA Records.  On the song, Hamilton expressed the love and passion he has for a special woman. The woman’s inner and outer beauty inspires him to say throw up praises to a higher power.

“I made this album to be refreshing, uplifting and healing for everyone out there dealing with life’s day-to-day struggles,” Hamilton says when reflecting on the creative input for the album. “‘Amen’ is a show of appreciation for all the good women who make life beautiful and full of love for us men. Now let the folk say Amen and Amen!”

The North Carolina native already recorded four solo albums and is known for mega-hits including “Comin Where I Come From,” “Charlene,” “The Point of It All,” and “Cool.” He worked with several artists including Jadakiss, Nas, Nick Cannon, David Banner, Jill Scott, Carlos Santana, and R&B legend Al Green. Hamilton received a Grammy with Green for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for the song, “You’ve Got The Love I Need.”

Based on his accomplishments and recognition as an artist, fans know Hamilton’s What I’m Feelin’ will be another monster hit. Hamilton’s voice is interminable, and he will continue to have a significant impact on people’s lives. spoke with the Grammy award winning vocalist and musician about the new album, uplifting good women, and preparing a mega tour with Fantasia.

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Celebrating Black Women in Your Music – I think it’s very important, I was raised by a black woman. It is an important part of my life. I had my mother, grandmother, sister, and I have boys.  I have sons. I want them to respect women and so I want to put it out there.  I want to show my boys what real women look like so they will know from their eyes. And when you see one,  you celebrate one. And if there’s one that needs help, I think it is our job to encourage them.

Important Qualities Women Must Have – A spiritual foundation. I think it’s very important, and self-love. I think a lot of women have been emotionally damaged, and it’s been hard. It makes it hard for relationships. But I think if a woman learns to love herself, she will put the energy out there for the man. There wouldn’t be any other way.

Video for “Amen” and Working with Beautiful Co-Star –  Ah, man Khadijah was incredible. She was very tasteful, classy, sweet, and just open. She was just cooperative, a real joy. I can work with her again.

Dating Co-Star Khadijah? – (laughing) No, I am not dating her. She looks good on my arm but no, we are not. It was my first time meeting her at the video shoot.

Fifth Solo Album What I’m Feelin’– The creative process for this album took place in Nashville, Tennessee where I felt like it was great for me and Mark and Bruce (my engineer) to create this music and stay focused and cohesive. We pulled in a few people like Al Stevens, who is a great guitarist, Vince Gill, Gary Clark Jr, and brought in the Hamiltones too. It was a creative time, a really beautiful time.

Collaborations on What I’m Feelin’ – On the country record “Never Letting Go,” Vince Gill is a big-time country artist, and Gary Clark Jr. is an amazing guitarist, as I mentioned before. Another song “Ain’t No Shame,” I worked with the Hamiltones, another great song with my background singers. I just did a powerful record with Nas, which might make the digital version of the album. Nas is incredible, articulate, intelligent, and he has it all. He is a genius at what he does. This is not the first time I’ve worked with him. I did a song on his album.

Favorite Song on the New Album – There’s a few, but the one I play on repeat is “Ever Seen Heaven.” It’s an 80’s type ballad, and it’s beautiful. It’s dreamy, and it’s one of the songs that you can just put on and just ride. In the song, it says, “When you’re lying in my arms, and you’re here with me, do you ever see heaven in me?” That’s a deep question. “Ain’t No Shame,” is another one. It’s a blues record, and it’s telling people there’s no shame going out and living your life. You can do it all, don’t hurt nobody and don’t disrespect yourself. Live, get off the porch, and see some of this world.

Stage in Life While Recording What I’m Feelin’– Man, it’s a new stage, freedom, and a new chapter of chasing happy. Continue to stay happy and put out happy, build a kingdom.

Special Gift to Fans on this Album – I want them to get the best night, evening, day, and morning that they ever had in their life. Maybe get married, find their true selves, and free themselves. Maybe they will take this album and say “maybe I do need to get off the porch and take a trip somewhere I never been and experience life.”

Staying Grounded In the Industry – You have to desire it. You have to want to keep your integrity and keep a decent profile. Just being a father and not wanting to disappoint my kids and family. I don’t want them to be ashamed.

Touring with Rock Soul Diva, Fantasia – It’s going to be a lot of singing. It’s going to be a lot of spiritual moments during the night. There’s going to be some heavy moments where you have to cry out and thank God. There’s going to be some tears. It’s going to be a great and emotional roller-coaster. It’s important for you to have those high and low emotions because we go through it in life.

We’ve always known that we have a similar gift and connection with the people, spiritually. We love the Lord, we both are Christians, and people see that in us. That’s what they wanted, and we can feel it.

Why Anthony Hamilton is Soulful –  I’m just coming from a Southern place. I had some great people in my life growing up. I had some amazing things that I’ve seen growing up with great spirits, and it lent itself to me. I took that with me, and I got whoopings (laughing). That whooping would make you holler.

Anthony Hamilton’s new album is in stores on March 25th!