Kyle Denmead Goes All Slim Shady In Video For ‘Easy’

From his latest project Therapy, Orlando, FL singer/songwriter/Cash Money producer Kyle Denmead drops the first track “Easy,” ironically, about the not-so-easy healing time after a breakup. And after watching this, you may think Kyle may need some therapy!

Over the track with driving drums, Kyle laments, “I’m never gonna feel your love no more.” In the video, Kyle drives to the forest and opens the trunk  woman gagged and bound. He then drags her further into the forest by the rope wrapped around her feet, only to kill and throw her body over a cliff.

Sheesh! Talk about taking a break up hard! Like a commenter writes under the video, this is definitely like some dark, Slim Shady ish.

As the first track written for the project, Kyle took inspiration the emotion often found in film scores and drew from personal experiences: “This is a very personal song for me. This was the first song I wrote after a terrible breakup; the first step towards therapy. I wanted to make something melodic yet BIG and hard-hitting. I want people to be able to connect with the lyrics and be able to move with the music at the same time,” he explained.

Purchase “Easy” on iTunes HERE.