Songstress Yuna Drops Video For DJ Premiere-Produced Single, ‘Places To Go’

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna releases the stunning video for her DJ Premeir-produced single “Crush” from her forthcoming album Chapters.

“I just wanna fly away and ignore this, I just wanna call it quits I’mma quit this / While he’s out there taking his, I just need someone to break this wall of bricks I’ve built,” she sings on the first verse.

In the clip, Yuna gives some background on the inspiration of the song. “Sometimes you just need a change of scenery,” she says, explaining the feeling of being restless in the video’s intro. The beat drops soon after, and Yuna can bee seen running away from her cares . A free-spirit’s theme song!

Chapters will arrive on May 20th, and features the Usher collab, “Crush.”