Like Her Name, Vocal Producer/Arranger Butta B-Rocka Is Smooth As Butta & Keeps Us Rockin’

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Tampa, Florida stands international pop artist, singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and background vocalist, Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson. She’s a woman respected for her work ethic built on a reputation for being one of music’s most sought after personnel when it comes to recording vocal demos. Her résumé boasts work and assistance with international superstars, Grammy winners and performers like Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, Nas, rock group Collective Soul, country singer Zac Brown, The-Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium superstar Sandrine, German Artist Vanessa Jean Dedmon and countless other talents across the globe.

In an exclusive interview, Butta B-Rocka discusses the origins of her name, perfecting her musical gift, and much more.

Where does the name, Butta B-Rocka come from?

I was actually given the name Butta in Tampa while singing in high school, and B-Rocka, when I moved to Atlanta singing in the studio. When I decided to release my album, I combined the two!

You’ve mentioned that, “growing up your idea of fun was perfecting your craft, while your friends went to the football games.” Where does your drive come from?

Yes, my idea of fun is embracing my craft. I’m still like that to this day. My drive comes from the music, I’ve always known what I wanted and won’t settle for anything less.

You have gone through some low points in your life including a prior car accident and during those periods what were you able to discover about yourself?

I was out of commission, drinking from a straw for six months and that was a very low point for me. I lost hope and was scared. I thought the surgery done through my mouth had affected my vocals. I thought when people looked at me; they saw my fears,
but through prayer, my family and friends encouraging me to push on, I found my inner strength again. It’s okay to fall, but you must get up and learn from your experiences.

Has your approach to music changed since we last spoke?

My approach is simple. Be the best representation of myself. I may not have superstar status money or major backing, but everything I do, I give the best.

Do you ever wish you had followed the same path as some of your “friends who went from square A to square Z and are now a major artist in the industry”?

Sometimes, but everyone has their own paths, and if there is no clear path, sometimes you have to pave your own way, create your own lane.

What can you share about your next project?

It’s taken me a minute for my new project. I’ve grown as a writer and artist. My 1st project was more pop/ soft rock catered to the international crowd where as my new project is along the lines of that feel good, back to basics, old school music. Think Justin Timberlake’s “That Girl” and Chrisette Michele’s “A Couple of Forevers”. Think a female Bruno Mars, ole school feel mixed with a new school vibe. My actual album title is Naked.

Check out the performance of her single “Straight In My Heart” last November at Artists Rock the MIC show at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta.