[First Listen] Chicago Songstress Nola Ade’s EP, ‘The Love Dance’

Songstress Nola ​Adé​ ​kicked off 2016 with a classic, upbeat singles “Love” and after dropping her soulful ballad “Bittersweet,” she’s bringing us the first listen of her latest work, ​​The Love Dance EP.

With her debut EP, ​Adé​ ​is truly bringing in her classic, effortless, natural soul. Drawing inspiration from Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and many more, Nola ​Adé​ ​is sharing her journey. She says, ” I tell my own stories with this EP, from how awkward I could be, to how I dealt with being hurt, to what I hope for in the future, and all the good stuff in between. My goal is that my own stories can relate to others, and I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

“The songs I wrote aren’t just about the part of love that feels good, but the parts of love that can hurt too. That is why I call my EP ‘The Love Dance,’ because life’s experiences of being in love, and staying in love, can sometimes take you on a rollercoaster, or it’s a crazy dance with highs and lows. Whether it’s with the same person, or different people over time, it is still your love story.”

Exclusively stream ​​The Love Dance EP below before its official release tomorrow!