Mélat Drops Dreamy Visual, ‘Twenty Ten’

From her latest EP It Happened So Fast, Austin singer-songwriter Mélat drops the avant-garde visual for Twenty-Ten.” The moody, artistic visuals match the song’s timber.

About the concept of the song and video, she told ESSENCE:

“This video is based on one summer back in 2010 when I slipped into what felt like a completely different world with the relationship I was in. It was like we lived in this universe that was just us and looking back on it, I began to feel like it may have been a dream. Something so perfectly aligned in every way, from night to day, inseparable. Love and lust intertwined. The video depicts this dream like feel. It jumps through multiple images quickly ignoring time, place, and chronology.  Everything represents something, from the flame, to the clock, to the lamp, to the bare mattress, like in any dream. Look for the layers and the hidden messages. Love and lust come with so many unspoken truths and hidden motives I felt it’s only right that the video did the same. In the end though the framing of and presentation is very simple and very different from my last video so for those not into layers, they can just enjoy the images.”

Enjoy Mélat’s latest mysterious visual.