[EXCLUSIVE] SWV Talks New Singles, Girl Groups, Changes In the Industry, More

R&B group SWV has a new album, Still, which features their first singles “Aint No Man” and follow up, “MCE (Man Crush Everyday).” Since the 90’s, this powerful trio has kept a strong bond with multiple Grammy nominations and has sold over 6 million albums in the U.S. Together, Coko, Lelee, and Taj, is  one of the most successful groups from the 90’s with hits like “Weak”, “So Into You”, and “Human Nature”.

Recently, the ladies spoke to Singersroom about their new singles, girl groups, and changes in the industry. Check it out!

What would say has been the hardest thing keeping you guys strong as a group?

Taj – I would say that time, age, and industry changes, so you have to roll with it or get rolled over. It’s hard because we all have families so it can be tough, but we make it happen.

Lelee – It’s not hard, we’re just doing what we’ve always done so this is not new to us.

What made you guys come back together as a group after pursuing solo careers?

Taj – Well only Coko released a solo album, but we just realized we wanted to be back together, and we missed each other.

What was the inspiration behind MCE and Ain’t No Man?

Taj – There’re so many songs that diss guys, so “Ain’t No Man” is a song about men who takes care of their families, and we wanted to celebrate them. “MCE” is a secret crush song about a guy that you think is so fine but he has no idea what’s going on.

How was it shooting the music video for “Ain’t No Man”?

Taj – It was pretty fun because we were surrounded by so many fine pieces of chocolate candy without cheating on our husbands.

Who would you say was your favorite artist to work with?

Taj – I really enjoyed Babyface when he did the soundtrack for Waiting to Exhale.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with before?

Taj – I’m a cougar, so I would like to work with Chris Brown. I’m a big fan of his music and his dynamics on top of him being so handsome. I love his music.

Lelee – I would love to work with Will.i.am and also work with Pharrell again.

Do you think female R&B groups coming out today have a good chance of staying power in the climate of today’s music industry?

Taj – I don’t even know if there are any female R&B groups. Teddy Riley’s daughter has a girl group coming out, and they’re really good. Everything has a turn, so they’re going to come back around. Just like in the 90s there was a girl group rush so we’ll be back.

Lelee – It’s a little tough, but it’s possible if we just support the music. It’s possible for anyone to make it but it’s just different now.

You have big hits such as “Weak,” “So Into You,” “Right Here”, “Rain,” and more. Do you guys ever get tired of those songs?  

Taj – Absolutely not, those songs put food on the table.

Coko – Maybe “Right Here” and “Use Your Heart.

Would you guys do another tour in the future?

Taj – We stay on the road which is one thing we have been blessed to be able to do but this summer we will be touring with New Edition, Babyface, and Boys ll Men.

Besides SWV, who were other R&B groups you were a fan of?

Taj – Jodeci, New Edition, TLC, En Vogue, Silk, Genuine, Tyrese, Tank, just about anyone from the 90s.

If there was one song you could choose, what would be your favorite from SWV?

Taj – My favorite of all time would probably be a tie between “Weak” and I really fell in love with “The Best Years” because of the meaning behind it.

Will the WeTV show be back?

Taj – It was canceled so we won’t have SWV: Reunited anymore.

A lot of people are trying to bring back fashion from the 90s. What style from the 90s would you guys say you will always keep?

Taj – I love baggie clothes, so those big overalls, I love it.

Coko – I don’t know I just do me.

Lelee – My earrings, I love bamboo earrings, and my Timbs.

Are there any other projects SWV has coming out that fans would want to see?

Taj – A new video for “MCE”, new tours coming up, and maybe more TV stuff.