Diva Overload! Mariah Carey & Beyonce Plan Collaboration

Can the star power get any bigger???

According to TMZ, Beyonce and Mariah Carey made plans to work on a song together Thursday evening when they attended a benefit in L.A. for the HeartView Global Foundation. A source tells TMZ that the superstars’ tables were next to each other, and when they had a chance to talk, the idea of working together was mentioned.

The source claims the two share the same business manager, Jon Schwartz, who is also the curator of the event they were attending, so a collab seems like an easy thing to put together!

It’s not official. but a Beyonce/Mariah collab would be pretty epic. I wonder what sound they would put together; a hip-hop/trap song, or a ballad?

To the Beyhive and Lambs, what would you like to hear from a collab between your superstar idols?