Eric Bellinger Says The World Will Love Again ‘Eventually’

If you’re single or trying to find signs of love in the world, Eric Bellinger will make you believe in love again. He’s dropped a new 9-track EP called Eventually.

Thank you for your support… The world will soon Love again, Eventually…” he writes on twitter.

EB always holds it down with the slow grooves and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. On Eventually, he lays the romance on thick; with “Lay Up”, “Plush Duvet” and “Can’t Hurry Love,” you already know this will hit all the right sonic spots.

“I wanted to give the ladies some hope this Valentine’s Day,” Eric says about the project. “I went hard and managed to put together some smooth and sexy music that encourages them not to give up on Love, but to be patient in waiting for the right Love. I hear a lot of women complaining about how there aren’t any good men out there anymore… Truth is, there are plenty of men waiting to give them the world!”

Soak in Eric’s lovey vibes this V-Day weekend.