On The Grind! Jeremih Preps New Album, ‘Later That Night’

Jeremih’s latest album, Late Nights: The Album, just arrived in December 2015, but he’s already plotting to extend the nighttime fun…

According to Billboard, the Chicago crooner plans to document what happens Later That Night in his fourth LP.

Late Nights: The Album—I’m glad the world has finally soaked it in, and is marinating in it, but you best believe I have a whole other late night coming for you real soon: Later That Night,” he told Billboard. “I gave them the mixtape, I dropped the album—now I want to give them a complete trilogy of work.”

Along with that, Jeremih has contributed to both Kanye West and Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming projects, but it’s not yet certain his contributions will be chosen for the final products. “I’m not sure really where he’s at with his album right now, or if he’s actually going to use the work that we’ve done — but if he doesn’t use it, I sure will,” he told Billboard.

Late Nights encountered a sloppy roll out in December; Jeremih and 50 Cent blaming the label  Def  Jam for being lethargic with releasing the project, which was pushed back multiple times and released out of the blue.