Watch! Janelle Monae Feels The Joy Of Pepsi In New Superbowl Commercial

Janelle Monae is a marketer’s dream! She already endorses CoverGirl and Sonos; now she’s Pepsi’s newest “it” girl complete with a coveted spot in a Super Bowl ad for the soft drink company.

Monae’s high-energy performances always keep audiences on their toes, and she brings that same energy to Pepsi’s commercial, which spans over 50 years of style and music in a spot called “The Joy of Dance.”

First, Janelle dances to The Contours’ 1962 single “Do You Love Me” in her signature suit and James Brown-inspired moves. She then enters another room where Madonna’s hit “Express Yourself” plays, and the singer appears dressed like Madonna’s edgy, 80s look. She then comes to the present time in a sparkly crop-top, body suit outfit in a modern nightclub as her reworking of the “Joy of Pepsi” jingle plays, and she takes a big swig from the Pepsi bottle.

Tune in to Super Bowl 50 this Sunday when the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers to catch this commercial and more featuring some of music’s biggest stars.