Pull Up A Chair: R. Kelly Tells His Life Story In 45 Minutes (Video)

Last week, R. Kelly gave a revealing, in-depth interview to GQ, where he candidly dished on the most controversial times in his life and career. As it turns out, he also gave GQ a more-in-depth account of his life in a 45-minute sit-down.

This is sort of like when your uncle traps you into telling stories about “back in my day,” but don’t roll your eyes! Kelly keeps it interesting as he jumps back and forth between busting out in song and telling interesting, specific stories from his life.

Did you know he was shot as a kid? Or that he lived on Venice Beach? He even delved into the final moments he had with his mother, who passed away in 1993.


And if you can’t sit through nearly an hour of Kellz’ monologue, GQ has provided a 5-minute version. Catch the highlights below: