Rihanna Hints That Her Upcoming LP ‘ANTI’ Is Finished…Soooo When Will It Arrive?

It seems Rihanna’s upcoming album, ANTI, is finished.

This morning, she tweeted the photo above with the caption saying, “listening to ANTI.”

According to Rap-Up, in the photo, RiRi is wearing a Swarovski crystal and pearl crown and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana Napa leather rhinestone headphones, all priced at $9,000.

So, if that’s the case, the album MUST be on its way soon; fans have followed her through seven rooms of her cryptic, Samsung-sponsored ANTIDiary series (the latest one released only three weeks ago).

Two months ago, dates for her ANTI World Tour were announced. She is scheduled to begin the trek one month from now on Feb. 26 in San Diego, which is VERY soon considering the world still doesn’t know the LP’s release date.

Maybe the plan is to drop the LP on the tour’s first date? The verdict is still out on that one!