Go Behind The Scenes Of Brandy’s Hot New Single ‘Beggin & Pleadin’

Brandy’s new contemporary, bluesy single “Beggin & Pleadin’” is solidifying that she’s about to unapologetically take 2016 by the horns!

In a recent interview, she discussed the single with Billboard: how it came together, its inspiration, and what it means for her new sense of self. “It makes me feel bossy. Even if it’s for two minutes and 45 seconds, I feel empowered by the story, the vocal, the production, it sounds fearless to me,” she explained.

The Zoe Ever After star co-wrote the song with Kirby Lauryen, and the two drew from her past heartbreak. “I told her my story, just a bit about what I experienced and how I went through a really hard breakup, and I wasn’t able to just let it go and get over it so I was still in that place. When I did the song, it felt real. It felt like a true apology. Everything I had in that moment, I gave it right there because of how I was feeling. It felt like the song was writing itself.” And you can definitely hear Brandy’s emotion’s pour out through the song…she left everything on that mic!

This new resurgence of Brandy on the airwaves and on our TV screens is fueled by her new sense of self; she said it’s all how you perceive yourself. And just how does she perceive about herself? “I believe that I’m the shit,” she said.

Indeed, Brandy, indeed! Watch Brandy shine below: