Songwriting Producer Harmony Samuels Talks Pop-R&B Connection, Gospel Influence, Working With Kehlani, More

Harmony Samuels is a London-based, Grammy nominated songwriter known for working with young children and working with artists such as Ariana Grande, Ciara, Chris Brown and Fifth Harmony. He has recently been working with newbie Kehlani and JoJo on her forthcoming album.

Additionally, Samuels’ collaborations with Maroon Five, and Jennifer Lopez has made him the go-to pop song writer for the past few years. In addition to his upcoming music developments he has for 2016, he is invested in helping young children learn about music.

With his experience and knowledge of music, Harmony has many things we can look forward to this year. He took some time out to talk about his past and his future with us.

Check it out below!

How did being raised in the church influence your career?

It built a discipline and love for music. Some of my favorite artists such as BeBe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Commission, and Fred Hammond have had a very impact on my growth as an individual and understanding of music, which lead to my passion for pop culture.

Have you ever done any work with any gospel singers?

Yes. I’ve worked with Tye Tribbett, a very amazing gospel artist. I recently did an album with Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, and we did a song called “Say Yes” with Beyonce and Kelly for both the pop culture and gospel communities. It kind of crossed boundaries at the time, so it was really exciting to do.

What made you interested in helping young children learn about music?

I didn’t have the opportunity or mentors back in the day, and I always promised myself that if I made it, I would invest the time to do so. I spend time during the week going to different schools and spending time to tell my story and give ways to improve themselves.

What would you say your creative process is like?

It’s weird. I have music a lot in my head, and I daydream a lot. I also spend a lot of time listening and researching to music, like old school to now. I also try different genres and experiment with different music.

Would you say you have a favorite old school artist that you listen to a lot?

That’s hard; I listen to different people for different reasons so I would say my favorite album of all time is Off The Wall and Thriller because of how inspiring they were. In the 90s, I would say Never Say Never by Brandy, and I’m a big fan of Alanis Morissette. There’s so many, I would say that they all have different meanings for me.

What about R&B music keeps you interested?

It’s really my thing, by working with young artists such as Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, and Kelly Rowland. I’ve also had some pop success, but most of my records are R&B driven.

Would you say there’s a big difference between pop and R&B?

Pop isn’t really a genre; it’s more of music that is popular to the world. I think people confuse the top 40 as being popular is not necessarily the genre of music.

What was it like working with young artists such as Chris Brown and Fifth Harmony?

It’s cool! A lot of great energy. I’m working with a new artist named Kehlani and I’m really excited about her career. Working with new artists is where I find the most joy in the music industry because you get to build and help grow these young people who don’t know they will be a superstar.

What’s it like working with Kehlani?

She’s a genius; she’s always growing and learning. One of the hardest working young girls I’ve seen in a long time and very authentic. Many kids love and relate to her story.

What other new artist have you worked with?

JoJo isn’t new but she’s definitely someone on the comeback, and it was awesome working with her. Definitely one of the best vocalist I have heard. Also, Nathan Sykes, he’s not new but his solo career is new, and he will be having a new album coming out, so I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

What upcoming projects from you can we look forward too?

Nathan did some work with French Montana and Kehlani and JoJo also have music coming out. I even have my own artist called Major that will be dropping his first album, and a couple of other artists I’ve signed will be putting out some really interesting music.