Angie Stone Talks Tooth-Tossing Fight With Daughter On ‘Steve Harvey’ (Video)

On yesterday’s episode of Steve Harvey Show (Jan. 14), Angie Stone and her daughter Diamond sat down with Harvey to discuss the March 2015 altercation that reportedly resulted in the loss of some of Diamond’s teeth due to her mother, Angie.

In what could be considered shade of the day, Angie told Harvey that she didn’t knock her daughter’s teeth out during the altercation; rather it was the fact that her daughter’s teeth were rotten already.

She said, “I think that, in her defense, the tooth had probably fell out because one had fallen out a week prior to that tooth coming out. And when you have an altercation as such, you can bite down on your lip, and if a tooth is already brittle and decaying, it’s coming out.”


Although she denied being responsible for the loss of her daughter’s pearly whites, she did admit to Harvey that during the fight, she warned her daughter with the age-old threat, “I’ma knock your teeth out.”

I really can't believe Angie and her daughter are still talking about this, but hey, she DOES have a new album out right now!

Watch the clip below. What do you think?