Mack Wilds Borrows From Film ‘Do The Right Thing’ In Video For ‘Love In The 90z’

It’s no secret actor/singer Mack Wilds has a special place in his heart for the 90s. His 2013 album New York: A Love Story virtually borrowed from every 90s nuance possible.

Everything about his newest single “Love in the 90z” expresses his affinity for the decade, as well. Over the retro, boom-bap hip-hop track created by Salaam Remi, Teddy Riley, Scott Storch, and James Poyser, Mack odes his favorite era of music.

“Why don’t we fall in love like we did in the ’90s?” he sings. “When TLC weren’t too proud to beg / When that ni**a Keith made you sweat / Like when Jodeci sang ‘Forever My Lady.'”

The Benny Boom-directed video was filmed in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, the same place Spike Lee’s classic movie “Do the Right Thing” was filmed and the video was inspired by; it’s a staple when one thinks of the essence of the 90s. On the song, Mack wants to take his courting rituals back to yesteryear, so hollas at his love interest from the side walk as she sits in the window. It’s all love when someone steps on his J’s, then Mack wins when his crush chooses him to attend a rooftop party.

Fal into the nostalgia below: