EXCLUSIVE: Timothy Bloom Drops Christmas Single ‘Christmas Without You’ Featuring V. Bozeman, Talks Holiday Season, The New Year, More

Soul singer Timothy Bloom and V. Bozeman must have musical chemistry: after their dymanic 2011 duet “Til The End Of Time,” they've linked up again for a new Christmas single "Christmas Without You."

This is a perfect single for the holiday season where everyone likes to spend quality time with their loved ones: the single is about treasuring the pivotal figure you have in your life, and how acts of kindness should be an ongoing occurrence once the holiday season is over.

Take a listen:

Timothy Bloom's work as songwriter and singer has captivated us because he speaks from the heart. His musical artwork displays so many emotions that most people go through in life. Hard work and diligence aren't foreign concepts to Bloom because he understands why it's imperative to release solid material for his fans.

Bloom worked with several popular artists including the legendary Smokey Robinson, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, K. Michelle, and many more. Several artists recognize his driven soul and his desire and hunger for music.

Bloom describes his ongoing purpose as a musician when he says, "I feel like I was put on this earth to create music that is relatable and touches the hearts and souls of people."

Singersroom conversed with the Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, and producer about his new Christmas record with V Bozeman, his philanthropy work, and more.

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Working with V. Bozeman On the Single "Christmas Without U" – The holidays were coming up, and I knew I wanted to work with V from years ago. V is an artist that I have to work with…it's a must. And so we decided to work on a Christmas record together. Working with V on that record was just a magical time. Both of us were feeling the record. I was just in the mood to put out a Christmas record, from being on the road, in the studio, and touring. I know what Christmas means to me so why not write a song that's from the heart during this time of year.

V. Bozeman, "The Artist" – V is beautiful, and she is a wonderful artist to work with. Her spirit is beautiful. She is the kind of person you can sit on a stoop and have a nice glass of lemonade with because she is so chilled. I feel like V is my guardian angel, my musical soulmate because we have a special bond and connection. It shows when we work together, and I just want to protect the bond V and I have musically.

Participating in Other Musical Projects, Including the Grammy Foundation and Gospel for Teens Youth Choir – Regarding GTYC, teens from the choir came to my show and watched me perform. After spending a lot of time in Harlem, I started rehearsing with the teens, and they are talented. During rehearsal, I learned more about them, where they came from and why they love music. I have invited some to sing backup for me during special music or television appearances. Regarding the Grammy Foundation, it's another project I participated in so we can remind everyone why it's important to have music in schools. Schools are removing music programs, so this foundation is great because it shows people how much we value and appreciate music.

Harlem Choirs vs. North Carolina Choirs – The choirs in the South are slightly different from the choirs in Harlem. Harlem has a more classic approach, and Southern is more gospel; I mean it's not too major but you can tell the difference from a musical standpoint.

Make Room USA Foundation – The Make Room USA Foundation pertains to the rental issues we face in the U.S. I wanted to get involved and give back to the community. We appear in different homes and help low-income families with their rent. New York and Jersey is going through it right now with this rental crisis. As performers, we get to hear families stories and how this crisis has affected their way of living. The rent crisis is terrible because a lot of low-income families can't pay their rent. So we perform to raise money, so it's a great opportunity because I'm doing what I love to do and changing lives at the same time.

Musical Christmas in the Bloom Household – Music is in my blood so I can just go home to my mother, father, sister, and brother and just play music or sing freely. Singing and playing music with my family is different from the studio. I have more freedom, more flexibility, and it's more fun because I'm around my family.

Projects Coming Up in 2016 – I'm definitely working on another record for the new year. I'm just looking forward to working with other artists musically. I can't give out too much information, but you just have to wait and see and stay tuned. And I am working on myself spiritually on a daily basis. My relationship with God is very important because it's a part of me. I am striving to grow as an artist and as a man.