When R. Kelly’s Fed Up: Kellz Storms Out Of HuffPost Interview

Bring up R. Kelly’s past sexual assault allegations one more time, and he might snap.

This afternoon (Dec. 21), R. Kelly sat down with HuffPost host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani for a HuffPost Live interview that went oh-so-wrong. Modarressy-Tehrani began to ask Kelly about his fondness of sex, and how that translates into his lyrics; that’s when the funk hit the fan.

The clip (below) already starts off with tension, with Kelly stating, “If the next question is something negative out of your mouth, with all due respect, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” He then compared her line of questioning to an interrogation. I didn’t come here for a deposition,” he said.

At one point, the host stated, “Your personal life has started to interfere with the way people consume your lyrics,” Modarressy-Tehrani said. “You’re here to get ratings, and I respect that, but you won’t be getting them off me if you’re going to interrogate me,” Kellz replied.

Kelly then said the host she can ask one more question, to which she asked, “What do you say to the multiple fans who say there have been multiple accusations against you against young women in Chicago? And they are concerned about your past, and that’s impacting them from purchasing your music.” Soon after, he took off his mic and exited the interview.

Earlier this month, the singer urged fans to buy via Facebook video, claiming he’s been getting “a lot of slack” about his album and career. Maybe this was his tipping point (because the streets never really stopped talking about his sex tape allegations scandal.)

Watch the tense video below. Thoughts??