Enter Room 6 Of Rihanna’s ANTIDiary

Last week, Rihanna (symbolically) soaked in a tub in Room 5 of her ANTIDiary. What does Room 6 bring? Judging from this clip, more cryptic messages.

Rihanna saunters into this dark “room” as a group of intrigued, masked men look on. They soon begin to follow behind her, pausing at every flash of light. Her child self seems afraid as she looks on from the crowd, still with the crown over her eyes.

Rihanna then reaches a platform where she climbs the stairs to look at a screen of her face starring back

In her ANTIDiary series, each “room” is symbolic of Rihanna’s life and era in her music career, from Barbados to her current life as an international pop star, and has clues for the fans to use to piece together to unlock some answers surrounding Rihanna’s upcoming album, ANTI.

What do you think this one means?