Ready To Decode The Fifth Room Of Rihanna’s ANTIDiary?

Rihanna lets fans into room five of her ANTIDiary series, in which each “room” is symbolic of Rihanna’s life and era in her music career, from Barbados to her current life as an international pop star. Each room has clues for the fans to use to piece together to unlock some answers surrounding Rihanna’s new album.

Room five features RiRi bathing in a futuristic room in a tub of opaque, pearl-colored water. Shadowy figures of people appear behind the thin walls and Rihanna looks nervous at their presence. She then slips underneath the water, only showing her face (much like her video for “Stay.”) The shadowy figure of her "child self" with the crown over her eyes appears again (this time behind the foggy walls) at which Rihanna sits up to take notice as purple liquid appears in the tub.

Ooo, what does it all mean!?!?!? Sound off below about your thoughts.