Lea Anderson – Not That Type Of Guy ft. John Robinson

NYC-based indie artist Lea (pronounced “Lee”) Anderson defines what she wants in her perfect man on the single “Not That Type Of Guy,” the second of two singles she released this year.

Filmed, edited and directed by CoRRen Conway with FOREVER12 Productions, the video features Lea as in various, artsy beauty shots in the city holding red balloons to summon a the love energy to attract the ideal lover she sings about. She even flows about her desires and rapper John Robinson enters with a verse saying he’s the best choice. The song was inspired by a man she was seeing while working at a theatre in Atlanta. It captures the control and possessiveness one can harbor from insecurities and being treated like a trophy rather than cherished and adored.

Lea Samantha Anderson was born in D.C., and was inspired by Earth, Wind, and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin. She then relocated near Charleston, South Carolina and sang in local talent shows and competitions, but her local fame caused her to be bullied, forcing her to take up visual art instead. Lea was accepted into the College of Charleston doubling majoring in Art Management and Theatre while minoring in Studio Art with a focus in painting. As a freshman, an upper classman took notice to her talent and offered her a spot as the front woman in his hip hop band, “Many Stylez.” Surrounded by talented Emcee’s, Lea solidified her writing and started creating her original music. When the group disbanded, Lea explored her new love for theatre. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a years’ worth of Regional Theatre gigs. She worked consistently as a professional actress and earned a membership into Actors Equity Association. However, love for the life of a recording artist and the freedom of singing her original music haunted her. After consulting with a few close theatre buddies, Lea decided to move to NYC and attempt a fulfilling career in music.

Lea has written songs about her personal lessons from failed relationships due to living life as a traveling artist. Her upcoming LP will be released in increments of three in four movements: neo-soul, folk-soul, hip hop soul, and jazz.

“Not That Type Of Guy” follows her soulful, dreamy offering “Detached.” Purchase on iTunes above.