Jeremih Is The Next Artist To Blast His Label Def Jam

Last week, August Alsina called out his label Def Jam for leaking his album early. Now Jeremih is voicing his dissatisfaction with the label.

Jeremih’s album Late Nights dropped on December 4th to the surprise of many who were never notified of the release date (including us!). Over the weekend, the Chicago crooner blasted his label, claiming they did that, along with under-shipping physical copies to stores on purpose to affect his first week record sales.

Jeremih’s tweets read:

“@DeafJamRecords y’all don’t even deserve my voice,” he wrote.

“It’s not the fact that mi album was actually priced 18.99.”

“There’s actually no CD’s in the stores to even buy ,that’s themain point. each Best Buy was shipped 6-7 copies a piece.”

“We checked in to the Corporate offices at Best Buy in Chicago and they told us LateNights wasn’t on this wks added shipment list, nor next weeks ?? #MyAlbumJustDroppedLastWeek.”

“It’s ok though I got some’n for everybody who tried me.”

The week of the release of Late Nights, in an interview with The New York Times, Jeremih expressed pride in having platinum singles (“Don’t Tell ‘Em” and “Down on Me”) despite no videos or major promotion for them. “You’re talking about somebody that ain’t got no videos for any of my platinum singles. You can’t ride around New York and see my face on a poster, and my album’s out. Truth is, I know people are responsible to do that. The label is responsible to do that.”

50 Cent even chimed in on IG about Def Jam’s alleged "lazy" approach to representing Jeremih and their other artists. He wrote. “What Def Jam has done to Jeremih is so foul. They have dropped the ball in so many ways. They have his Album out at $18.99 I have never seen a album priced that high in 5 years. SMH STUPID MOTHERF——.”

Def Jam is looking real shady right now. Maybe they'll release a statement with their side of the story…