Omarion Quits ‘L&HHH’ To Focus On Career, Family

Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones were absent from The “L&HHH” reunion, and there’s a reason why…because they don’t plan on associating themselves with the show any longer…yup, they’ve quit the show.

In an interview with ESSENCE Live, Jones said, “We didn’t go to the reunion because Omari was on tour and I was with him with our child. But umm, we are NOT going to do next season.”

While some viewers saw their appearance on the show as “boring,” as they didn’t bring much “drama” to the storylines, Apryl says that’s exactly why they survived the “reality show curse.”

“We have a strong bond,” Apryl said. “We just knew coming to reality TV we just knew nothing was going to change that. We’ve never been worried about the ‘show curse’ because when we walked into “Love & Hip Hop” filming knowing what we were prepared for. They had a lot of respect for me and Omari so we weren’t really worried about that. We knew we would be ok walking in and walking out.”