[Review] Ohio Artist Rashad Gets Deep On New Album ‘The Quiet Loud’ (Stream)

Rashad is one of those artists who make you think, fall in love, and turn up all in one project. If you heard his last project, 2012’s Museum (headed by the singles “The Return”, "For The Life Of Me" and "The Life") you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The singer/songwriter/producer’s newest album The Quiet Loud (TQL) just dropped today (December 4), and content-wise, it’s on another level. If you like a little substance with your hip-hop and R&B, this is it. About what The Quiet Loud stands for, Rashad explains, "The quiet loud is that black hole in space, the human spirit, God. The quiet loud is what's felt but unseen."

Headed by “I Thought About Leaving Her” and “First Move,” TQL is quintessential Rashad; the Columbus, OH artist is known for doing production work with fellow Ohio rapper Stalley, in which he takes choppy soul samples and integrates them into a track ripe for rapping (and singing, too, in Rashad’s case). That’s the backbone of TQL; many of the track’s tunes are inflected with messages of black consciousness is and social awareness and black pride. Such is the case on the first track “Libations Pt. 1 & 2”, “The Rhythm,” and the eighth track “BLACKlife.” Between those three, you’ll hear about the racial identity of Jesus, the mothership, and police brutality.

“They killed him in cold blood, that tells me all we got is us / My granny sang the blues, keep searching for the clues, they beat you down but in secret they praising you, black life,” he sings over a bangin’ sample of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

Interested in some serious grooves? Rashad’s got you covered on “Knock Twice,” “Slow Jam” and “Cold Turkey, and “Turn Down” to name a few.

The 15-track set wraps up with “It Won’t Be Long,” a bumpin’ piano-laden ballad that calls for better days ahead: “The God inside is working overtime…God don’t make mistakes if things don’t go your way…the choice is yours…tell ‘em that it won’t be long,” sings on the heartfelt song before a profound sound clip from metaphysics teacher/historian Dr. Delbert Blair.

As stated before, if you want to jam, love, and be enlightened all at the same time, The Quiet Loud is for you.

Elevate the game by streaming below and purchase on iTunes above!