Miguel Covers Wonderland Magazine, Talks Being ‘Goofy’

Grammy-winner Miguel is the newest artist to grace Wonderland Magazine. Wearing a Diesel L-Racing Jacket on the cover photo, the photo shoot consists of Miguel showing more skin.

Despite his sex symbol status, the singer admits he’s more goofy than sexy. In his interview with Wonderland, Miguel says, “You know, it’s a compliment, it’s cool. I’ll take it, but, I’m two sides of a coin. I’m really goofy. I mean I’m so goofy. I can be slick, but really, really goofy”.

In fact, he embraces his “goofiness,” and considers it a form of artistic evolution. “Both my music and my performance have evolved. I think there is a kookiness to who I am that I don’t care to filter out anymore. When you’re live there’s no, ‘wait’, ‘delete’ or being too cool. I always want to push myself to the end of my breath. Can I still sing in key, all the times jumping up and down”?

And with his “goofiness,” he hopes to inspire younger generations to break barriers of the norm.

When you realize that ‘normal’ is subjective, you just think, ‘I’m going to do what the fuck I believe in and what the fuck I want’…I want to touch people that love music like I do and I want to touch people who are into music more conventionally. I want to be part of popular culture and I want to reach people who are intellectual”.

Flip through a few other photos below to see Miguel turn on the sexy:

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