[Concert Review] KEM Gives Uplifting and Powerful Performance at The Garden

On Thanksgiving Eve, 3x Grammy-nominee KEM reminded us why we should continue to embrace the four letter word "love" through song. Known for his empowering love songs, Kem was a special treat for the grown and sexy in New York City.

KEM's "Promise to Love" tour took place at the Madison Square Garden with special guest, Jazmine Sullivan, and Kem's recording artist L' Renee.

L'Renee was the first act for the evening, and shared her ongoing passion and determination for music. From her stage presence, she is going to be another positive factor in the entertainment biz! Her voice is simply amazing and it would be not the last time we would hear from L'Renee.

The lovely songstress Jazmine Sullivan also stepped on stage and the crowd was ecstatic because she is a firecracker. We heard Sullivan's sultry and sensual voice when she performed "Bust Your Windows," "Lions, Tigers, and Bears," "Famous," "Holdin' You Down (Going in Circles)," "Forever Don't Last," "Let It Burn," and her signature hit, "Need You Bad."

Fans were ready for KEM to sing the beautiful melodies that we all love listening to on every occasion. We can listen to his records when we're elated, when we have a broken heart, thankful to God, or unsure about making a commitment to someone else other than ourselves.

Fifteen years since his arrival on th emusic scene, KEM's groundbreaking music still causes us to have an array of emotions when we hear records like "Share My Life," "Nobody," "Love Calls," "Promise to Love," "My Favorite Thing," Why Would You Stay," "Beautiful World," "You're On My Mind," or "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."His songs cause you to re-evaluate your life in a more profound way. Kem's music soothes your heart and gives us chills down our spine. On stage, you recognize his authenticity especially when he talks about his former troubles prior to show business, and his relationship with the Lord.

Despite adversity, KEM encourages us to spread more love and alacrity in our lives. It should be an ongoing exercise because we all can leave a positive mark on this earth through God's grace and mercy. Kem composes solid and concrete material that would allow fans to handle our emotions more maturely. Each time we wake up, we have another opportunity to spread love and be a sweet fragrance in someone's life. His music can be utilized as a guide when we have sunny and rainy days which is why Kem is a dynamic force in music.