Jamie Foxx – In Love By Now

It’s been months since his album Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses dropped, but between filming movies and such, Jamie Foxx finds time to film another video for one of the album’s ballads “In Love By Now.”

The bittersweet ballad touches the hearts of many who long for a deep love connection, and the video pulls at one’s heartstrings even more.

In the star-studded video, a nervous Jamie preps to walk down isle with George Lopez as the minister, singer Tank as the best man, and Nicole Scherzinger as his future wife. Her nerves are evident when she turns into a runaway bride, catching cold feet and leaving Foxx the wedding before even walking down the aisle. A heartbroken Jamie then takes to the beach to reflect, playing the piano and belting out his sorrows.

To the heartbroken everywhere…