Family Feud: Gap Band Member Ronnie Wilson Sues Brother Charlie Wilson

Members of the beloved funk band The Gap Band are feuding, and unfortunately, it’s between the group’s two siblings, Ronnie and Charlie Wilson.

It all boils down to who gets to legally use the name “The Gap Band” for monetary gain. The lawsuit was set in motion by Ronnie Wilson, who alleges his brother/former group member Charlie Wilson (who left the group in 2009) is holding the group back from staging a comeback tour.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that Ronnie booked two shows, one on NYC and one in Washington D.C., but Charlie stopped the shows from happening (halting a cool $20,000) since he’s no longer in the group and thinks the other members shouldn’t perform under The Gap Band moniker. Ronnie claims the band was in effect before Charlie even joined the group in 1972.

Ronnie is suing for damages and wants the court to block Charlie from interfering with future bookings.

Yikes! When business and family clashes…

Hopefully, they can work it out because I love The Gap Band!