Tinashe Covers Winter 2015 Issue Of ‘Dazed’ Mag, Talks Still Having A Normal Life, More

Ahead of her sophomore album Joyride (due in January 2016), Tinashe is the cover girl of the winter 2015 edition of Dazed Magazine (Formerly Dazed & Confused).

Comparing her to this generation’s Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Ciara, write Colleen Nika spent the day with the 22-year-old singer, who dished on her upbringing and journey through her career thus far.

The singer explained her parents nurtured her dreams of being an entertainer from the beginning. “They’re both educators but they didn’t stress for me to finish college or anything,” Tinashe said. “He [her father] is an actor and director – he instilled a love of performing on the stage in me, and never discouraged my dreams or goals.”

And even though her star is clearly on the rise, she says her goal isn’t to be the richest celeb in the world, rather the most successful. “I don’t necessarily consider dollar signs the most successful. You shouldn’t get into the music business because you’re trying to get rich – there are so many career goals that are way easier, way less work, way less stress, and you’ll make way more money.”

Ambition is her middle name and her star in the rise, but she keeps a grounded, normal home life; as a matter of fact, she still lives in her childhood home with her parents. “People don’t know how un-Hollywood it really is,” she explained.

Good to see she remains humble and seemingly unchanged by fame!

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