Alicia Keys Aims To End Mass Incarceration With Campaign & Petition

Alicia Keys has always used her celebrity status to make a better world.

Along wither Keep A Child Alive foundation, Keys is now adding the fight to end mass incarceration to her list of causes.

Along with prison reform group #Cut50, Keys aims to cut the number of people behind bars in half within the next ten years. In a new video, Keys calls on those in political power to make some changes, including drug rehabilitation programs and programs to help ex-convicts after release.

“We as a country, we sell ourselves as the land of the free, except that we have more people in jail than the whole western world combined,” she says in the video.

In a statement to People magazine, she explains, “Too many families – and our communities – are being destroyed by mass incarceration. We need policy reforms that can keep people out of prison who don’t need to be there, and ensure that our justice system helps to heal communities, families and individuals.”

Alicia definitely makes things happen! Sign Alicia and #Cut50’s petition here.