Bethel Solomon – Love’s Overture x Relax

Maryland-born Bethel Solomon offers up a medley of two of her sublime tunes, “Love’s Overture” and “Relax.”

Both tunes produced by DJ Harrison, each tune is written from recent life experiences. The clip features carefree time son the beach with friends and captures her move to L.A. from Brooklyn NY.

“The video I released contains two songs that I wrote while I was visiting some homies in NY this April,” she explained. “‘Loves Overture’ is my ode to not being able to capture and finalize a moment to be with someone I left in NY. ‘Relax’ is just me talking to a homie about getting through the tough things in life because we have so much to be grateful for in times like these.”

Bethel is currently working on her EP called B Is For Bethel.