Russell Taylor – Proud

Crooner Russell Taylor acknowledges how pride often gets in the way on his new single “Proud.”

Produced by Tim Kvasnosky, the song has a subdued groove as Taylor lays his feelings on the line.“Regrets, it’s too late for us / And now I’m just too proud to admit it,” he sings on the chorus.

About the song’s concept, the singer explains, "Grown-up love is a beautiful mess that mirrors the ever-changing human condition. We are set up to fall, and that is half the trap, but also the lure. To make it last when we are at our most vulnerable, we can't afford the luxury of pride. We must learn when to say sorry, or else, all is lost in the fall, regretfully past the point of repair," he adds.

Russell is one of VH1’s You Oughta Know Artists and is currently on the second leg of his national #SouljersSeries Tour.

“Proud” is from Taylor’s album War Of Hearts, which you can purchase above.